Issues: Healthcare

Although access to affordable quality health care is a necessity for every American, I have serious reservations about the bills now before congress. We can all agree about the need for portability in our health insurance and keeping those with pre-existing conditions from being bankrupted. But there are hundreds of additional inserts within the bill that is keeping it bogged down in both chambers, by members on both sides of the aisle.

We need to drive down costs while we provide care for those who can’t get it. That should be our fundamental, constant goal. But I believe another basic essential is that we should avoid allowing a government takeover of something as private and personal in nature as health care. I don’t want the government determining whether I can get my appendix taken out.

We need to start by passing the pieces we can all agree on. Sick Americans cannot afford to wait. Further, simply arguing over the best way to pay for everyone’s health care ignores the root cause of the huge increases in cost we