Issues: Energy

Ninety-eight percent of West Virginia’s energy comes from coal. Half of America’s energy comes from coal. While alternative sources are being developed all across our country, it will be decades before the time comes when we rely solely on energy sources other than coal.

Meanwhile, the production of coal is under attack by those in Washington, D.C., who do not fully understand the impact it has on our nation, as well as our state.

In Congress, I will stand up for coal, coal jobs and coal miners’ families. We should work vigorously toward the implementation of clean coal technology, because in the future this will continue to allow us to utilize this inexpensive energy source to build our industry centers and keep our nation independent.

In addition to coal, we have an abundance of natural gas, which is a clean-burning fossil fuel. We need to protect those in the industry who safely and responsibly produce and distribute the natural gas that is readily available in many areas of West Virginia.

Borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Middle East is not our best option when we have abundant sources right below our feet.