Issues: Foreign Policy

As a former officer in the United States Army, and as an American, I believe we need to finish our existing missions in both Iraq and Afghanistan and leave with honor and victory.

We never want to send West Virginia’s sons and daughters into harm’s way. But in those unfortunate instances when it’s required, they should be equipped in every way possible to be both safe and victorious in their missions.

We are in a perpetual war with both Al-Qaeda and the Taliban – one that can only be won through rebuilding the nations that have housed those groups and keeping a policy of no tolerance for acts of terrorism.

Meanwhile, our ability to stand strong on economic fronts with organized governments has grown weak with our multi-trillion-dollar borrowing from the Chinese, who are becoming prosperous by selling our citizens goods we once produced in our own country. Our economic policy has become a large part of our foreign policy.

In the United States Congress, I will work to create fairer trade with China and to reduce the debt so that China does not continue to own more of America’s finances than Americans do.