Mike Oliverio – Democrat for Congress

Taken from: Metro News, Charleston, WV – by Shawn Falkenstein

Shawn Falkenstein

Morgantown, Monongalia County

Longtime Monongalia County State Senator Mike Oliverio announced Monday morning that he is running against longtime First District Congressman Alan Mollohan in the May Democrat Primary Election.

“I’ve spent many restless nights trying to ignore the call I have felt,” Oliverio told Morgantown AM hosts Jim Stallings and Kay Murray on MetroNews Affiliate WAJR-AM.

“After considerable prayer and extensive conversations with family and friends, I know that there needs to be a change in the way that Washington works. All of us have seen the problems coming out of Washington — incredible debt, irresponsible activity and I just feel like the best way I can serve my family, my state, my country is to run for this position.”

Oliverio has served four terms in the state Senate after two terms in the House of Delegates. He has made two unsuccessful bids for Secretary of State.

The Morgantown resident says he will try to run a positive campaign against Mollohan who has served in Congress since 1983.

“I don’t embark on this campaign with the idea of tearing down Alan Mollohan,” said Oliverio. “I embark on this campaign with the idea of building our country up, and that is what we need most.

Some political handicappers believe that Mollohan is as vulnerable as he has ever been after enduring a four year investigation from the U.S. Justice Department, which recently announced the end to that investigation without any criminal charges or indictments for Mollohan.

There are also six Republicans seeking the nomination in the First Congressional District.