Biography Mike Oliverio

Biography Mike Oliverio

Mike Oliverio embodies the American dream. The grandson of Italian immigrants, he has lived in West Virginia his entire life. From his early days at Morgantown High School, through undergraduate and graduate studies at West Virginia University, and to the West Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate, Mike Oliverio is the consummate hometown favorite son.

Upon entering college, Mike dedicated himself to both academic pursuits and public service endeavors. As a member of the Mountaineer Marching Band and the Student Government, and eventually as student body president, Mike built a foundation of leadership that propelled him into public service. It was his service in the United States Army where he rose to the rank of Captain, however, which crystallized Mike’s faith and belief in the value of family. His core beliefs, combined with an underlying commitment to public service, have made Mike the man he is today.

In 1983, Mike’s commitment to West Virginia reached new heights when he entered public service at the state level. Dedicated to improving education, he sat on the Governor’s Advisory Council of Students. As a seven-year and eventual chairman of the Governor’s Committee on Crime, Delinquency, and Corrections, he addressed inequalities in West Virginia’s criminal justice system. He also served as an advocate for victims of domestic violence while he was a member of the Family Protection Services Board.

Focusing his academic pursuits on business administration and political science proved valuable to Mike as well. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in 1985, Mike completed his MBA in just one year. In a short period of time, the former student body president became a Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Agent and a valued member of the local community.

In 1992, he was elected to West Virginia’s House of Delegates, receiving more votes than any delegate in the history of Monongalia County. Mike was elected to the State Senate in 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006. He became the first Senator to win re-election in his district in twenty years! He now serves as chairman of the Labor Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Over the last few years, Mike has built a strong district-wide network of supporters that have continued to advance his name recognition across Northern West Virginia.

Today, Mike Oliverio is both a family man and a role model. He and his wife, Melissa, reside in Morgantown, WV – with their son, Michael III, and their daughter, Maggie. Both Mike and Melissa are wholeheartedly committed to community service, having participated in activities through St. Mary’s Catholic Church, the Morgantown Baseball Association, and the American Heart Association. His strong academic background, solid business experience, military, government and community service, combined with his unwavering integrity make him one of the leaders we are truly fortunate to have in the state of West Virginia.